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In my meditation yesterday, I was asking for guidance on my blog. Merlin started sharing a story, that was much longer than one blog – it was actually turning out to be several. I knew as I was going there were lessons to be learned, though they were not revealed initially. And then, they started to unfold.
See if you can spot these lessons as you read through the story of Targaan and his friends. At the end, I’ll reveal all that Merlin has shared, but know there are additional lessons he has left for you to discover and share in the comments for all to see.
Though this is a story about children, the lessons are for children of all ages!
There once was a boy named Targaan. He lived a long while ago. He lived in a castle and enjoyed playing with all the children there. The other children were the children of the servants. He was the only child of the King and Queen of the castle.
He didn’t see any difference with himself and the other children and things were going along fine, until, there was a visit from the Queen’s mother. She lived in another land far away and only came for visits when things were not going well for her. This time was no exception.
She had quite the entourage of carriages, additional servants, etc. She had trunk after trunk of belongs. It was as if she was moving in, not just coming for a short stay.
Targaan was curious so he devised a game for himself and the other children. They would take turns hiding in the Queen’s mother’s room (which really consisted of multiple rooms) amongst her belongings. 
They had such fun. They would wait until the Queen’s mother would leave in the morning for breakfast and they would sneak into her rooms and take turns hiding. 
She would be gone for hours, most of the day. She was seeking solace with her daughter. She was upset about things in her own land that Targaan could not understand. The stories she would relay to her daughter seemed so drama filled but nothing to get so upset about. One of them, she had given away something which had no meaning to her, until she saw the joy it brought another. Then she became upset and made it sound as if they had taken it from her and sobbing about how much it meant to her.
This was confusing to Targaan.
He also heard the Queen’s mother asking where he was and why he wasn’t spending more time with them. The Queen responded Targaan was off playing with the other children of the castle. The Queen’s mother made a disapproving snort, muttering under her breath that he should be here, spending time with them, not off playing with the servants’ children.
Targaan simply could not understand that either. When he was with them, she rarely spoke directly to him. She would mostly refer to the Queen with questions of him when he was standing right there.
It was all very confusing. He didn’t understand her frustration and drama she kept relaying to the Queen, day after day but also could not understand the snort and the comment about his friends.
So Targaan spent as little time as possible with the Queen and her mother and as much time as possible playing with his friends. This made more sense to him, playing and having fun with people you enjoy, making games out of what’s in front of you. Having a good time.
Angel Blessings to you. Next blog, read more about Targaan and the children.
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