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This morning I woke to the time of 5:55. It put a smile to my face thinking ‘change’. Fives are all about change and with 3 of them staring me in the face – I had to laugh.


Change may be uncertain, and yet it certainly doesn’t need to be scary or feared. Changes in our lives can be exciting and new (Big, Happy Changes blog). Change can be about exciting new things coming forward.


I recently took a tarot class from a wonderful friend, Maggie Norton who I work with at Spiritual Oasis. One of the things she talked about is when you see fives show up in a reading, the changes have already started. So there really is no turning back – it's all about looking forward and the attitude we are looking forward with.


Since the class, I have been doing a reading each morning for myself. Now remember, today is the day I woke to see 5:55.


My reading (10 cards total) had three (3) – fives. It also had a King (14) which 1+4=5


Maggie also points out – ‘expect the unexpected’.


I actually feel very excited about these changes, though I’m not certain yet what they all may be. Just as I smiled at the clock when I saw it – it was a good feeling.


If you notice a five, or a 55 or a 555 around you, expect the unexpected. Notice how you feel when you see it or just after you notice it. That may be very telling about the changes that have already started in your life.


You know you can always call upon God / Universe / Divine / Spirit, your Angels, your Loved Ones, your Guides, and of course your Higher Self for assistance with the changes. Focus on the positive, the excitement and release your worries and your fears.


Change is opportunity for growth in whatever that means to you. Open your arms and embrace it.


Angel Blessings to you,



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