moonLast night was the full moon and a partial lunar eclipse. We couldn't see it in the states but that doesn't mean we didn't feel the effects. 

Full moons are beautiful. The effects will be different for everyone, but they do say there is many more arrests and more activity in emergency rooms on the full moon.


What are some things you can do when there's a full moon? There are lots of things. 


You can do a releasing ceremony. The full moon is a great time to do this. Even if you just say or think of the things you would like to release (old patterns, old beliefs) it's all good. You can do this inside or outside. You can think, say or write what you want to release. If you write a list, you can burn it afterwards (safely of course).


You can howl at the moon. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be a werewolf or a coyote to howl at the moon :). I haven't actually done this, but I would think it would be quite liberating. Now, you may have neighbors that will wonder what's going on, or maybe they will just want to come join you.


You can drum or rattle. As many of you know from reading my blogs, I have a drum I made several years ago (Clear the Clutter blog). I've been to a few drum circles on full moon nights. I think drumming is a great way to express yourself and also to honor ourselves and our ancestors. 


My first drumming for a full moon was several years ago. I didn't have a drum of my own but there was a huge 'Mother Drum' (large enough for several people to drum at the same time). I did so much drumming that night I had blisters on my hands. It was awesome!


You can build a fire and enjoy the beauty of the moonlight. I've done this before too, a bonfire with drumming. There's something magical about this.


And for some, curling up with a cup of tea, looking at the moon is the way to go. Admiring the beauty and the immensity of the moon, and just being.


Honoring the moon, honoring the lunar eclipse and honoring ourselves


Angel Blessings to you.



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