Something the Angels have brought up several times in multiple ways is about clearing energy, mine as well as my surroundings. It’s something to do every day as well as multiple times throughout the day. And yet, I forget sometimes. 

A few weeks ago I had a person adding comments (profanity mostly) while I was doing my Facebook live. It was disconcerting to say the least and a reminder for me to clear my energy as well as clearing the energy of the Facebook lives. It was also a wonderful learning tool I was able to share with everyone about how important it is to keep our energy clear and bring in Divine Love.

Because we were gathered together, it strengthens our clearing energy as well as the Divine Love and the connection of everyone who was watching and who will watch.

Times to get in the habit of clearing your energy, of anything that is not yours or anything that is ready to be released:

    • Getting home from the store
    • Leaving work or a meeting
    • Driving, whether just down the street or a longer drive
    • After being on social media

What you may notice if your energy needs to be cleared:

    • A headache or other “ache” that came on suddenly and for no apparent reason
    • Your mood has shifted dramatically
    • Your dog / cat is acting up (your pets pick up unsettling energy quite quickly)
    • Something electrical (car, watch, phone) starts acting quirky

Once you clear your energy, always remember to fill up with Divine Love. The Universe loves a vacuum so we want to be sure and fill up with the good stuff.

I have a reminder that goes off on my phone periodically throughout the day with a nice reminder to clear my energy.

Let’s ask see if the Angels have any additional insight to add.

Dear Ones,

There is much shifting with your energies as well as that of Mother Earth. As more and more of you are starting to awaken to your joy, your inner knowing and the love you are, you are also shedding the old. As the old gets sloughed off, it is falling in the path of others who inadvertently pick up the old and outdated energy.

This is why it’s important to continue to clear your energy. It is not any different than leaving your windows open and dust flies in. You continually need to dust. Even when the window is closed and you feel there is no dust that could possibly get in, there is dust though it may take longer to show itself.

Dust your energy off throughout the day and breathe in Divine Love, peace, joy, calm and all the experiences you would like to have fill your day.

Dust your energy off and clear the energy around you as well — the room you are working in, the home or office you are in, the property you live on — clear all of it and then fill with Divine Love.

A wonderful and easy way to do this is ASKing us to assist and the breath. Yes, we said breath. Breathe out the dust, the energy that does not serve you, breathe in Divine Love. Do this until you feel clear, calm, filled with peace and a smile appears on your face.

We are always here to assist. All you need do is ask. We love you.

~ Your Angels ~

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Angel Blessings to you.

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