Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You may be making plans of going somewhere to celebrate, or deciding what to have for dinner, or who all will be coming to dinner. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite times. OK, yes, I love the stuffing my Dad used to make and I’m all over the green bean casserole. 🙂


Thanksgiving Day is a reminder for us all to give thanks, though it is not the only time to think about giving thanks.


Every day, there are things in our lives to be grateful for. Some days may not seem like it. Those are the times to look a little deeper.


Thanksgiving is not all about the material things in our lives, though they can be nice. Giving thanks is much more. What is it you feel for another, for what they’ve done for you, for what they’ve helped you with or for what you've done for them.


I bet you could think of 10 people you are grateful for, and with each person another 10 things they do or have done, in which you are grateful for.


Tomorrow, each person you run into at the office who annoys you, think of one thing you are grateful for, that they have done for you or for another person you know of.


Each car that cuts you off on the drive to work, think of one thing you are grateful for, in that situation (yes, thinking about who cut you off).


When you are standing in line and annoyed at the slow person in front of you at the check out, think of something you are grateful for, in that moment, standing there.


These may not be the easiest times to think of being grateful or giving thanks to someone you’d rather smack aside the head. And yet, if you look at the situation you are in, no matter what that situation is, I bet there are things you can easily think of, you are grateful for.


So when things are great and when things are not so great, there are always things to be grateful for.


Start your Thanksgiving Day today and celebrate Thanksgiving Day every day, looking for the things to be grateful for and give thanks.


Angel Blessings to you.



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