Beautiful Arizona sunset with hues of Angelic color
Sue Broome Desert

Sharing Makes Everything More Fun!

  Today I decided to let the Cherub Angels come out and play. This is one of Doreen Virtue’s newest deck and it’s specially made for children. I know, there is the inner child in all of us, just wanting to come out and play.   The card, Sharing Makes Everything More Fun! is the [...]

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Angelic Support

We have people in our lives who are there for us when we need them - spouse, partner, parents, friends.   We also have those we may not be able to see, who are here to support us - Angels.   I had someone ask me the other day ‘do we all have Angels?’ and [...]

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Up For a Challenge?

I haven’t done any kind of a challenge in a long time. We must be overdue. :) Let Koko sound the alarm. It's time! In my blogs over the past year and a half, I have written about: Being positive Acceptance of who you are Loving yourself Having compassion for yourself and others Enjoying an [...]

Trust Yourself

  I’ve talked about Trust in the past, but it’s such a huge topic that I believe there’s room for more.   We trust in things every day of our lives, whether we acknowledge it as trust or not. There are some unwritten ‘trusts’ if you will, that most of us share: We trust we [...]

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My Labyrinth

This picture shows you the wonderful labyrinth my brother Mike made. He surprised me with it just this last week. It was actually more like, shocked me. It was in a huge box and the labyrinth itself is about 26" across. It is so beautiful and comes straight from his heart. He’s very talented with wood and [...]

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